My Personality

From my earliest memories, I recall growing up with a very special ambition for creating change in this world through passion, hard work, and success. I was born into a family filled with multiple generations of entrepreneurs. From the original Riviera Convertible Sofa Bed Company to the launch of California Closets, I had the privilege to have first-hand entrepreneurship experience through my family’s success. Ironically, I fought the vision of being an entrepreneur in my younger years. Growing up in a creative family, I thought that my creativity and ambition would best be channeled by being a Theatre Director. I wanted to be a director initially because I had a passion for telling stories and ultimately helping support the process of sharing stories with the world through research, strategic planning, management, direction, and execution.

When I graduated originally with a degree in Theatre and an emphasis on direction, I shocked all my classmates when I told them I was turning down directing opportunities in New York and pursuing jobs in the field of business with an emphasis on supporting entrepreneurs. I am confident that as you read this, you may be as shocked that I originally studied theatre direction during my undergraduate studies. Nonetheless, I was delightfully surprised that my family was not shocked, but they quickly shared that they always knew I was born to be a businessman and ultimately felt I was cut from the cloth of an entrepreneur. It all began to connect with me, and I realized that I had a very special gift in utilizing my communication, project management, problem-solving skills, and research skills to support a business in reaching its optimal success. I went onto complete graduate studies in business and entrepreneurship, which prepared me with both new perspectives along with essential tools to accompany my innate business acumen.

The other key contributor to my personality is growing up surrounded by multiple generations of family that brought so many different influences reverting as far back as the great depression. The concepts behind how we treat others and how we should put blood, sweat, and tears into all our work are something that is instilled in me to this day. Overall, I find my personality has morphed into this combination of creativity, communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and lots of love thrown into a blender with a lot of passion and the results are in…. Brandon Seigel!

My Purpose

As you can see, my family and life experiences have played a very big role in both my personal and professional journey. My parents actually gave me a unique middle name, “Marit,” that had me puzzled in my early years. I remember in my early years going up to my mom and asking why she named me “Brandon Marit Seigel.” My mother sat me down and said; “we named you Brandon because, in all honesty, it sounded like a nice name.” Then she said something that has stuck with me throughout all my years. She said, “Brandon, your middle name “Marit” is very special…we gave you this name because it is our goal that you become a man of “Merit.” My initial retort to her was that my middle name is spelled differently than the intended purpose and she laughed. I wake up every day with the goal of honoring my family through making every stride possible to be “a man of merit.” My interpretation of being a “man of merit” is probably what connects my drive and purpose. I use the meaning of “merit” to fuel my passion for doing right for others and being a leader in the way we treat others.

Throughout my journey, my purpose has been the driving force to my efforts, my passion, and my reason for being. In the words of Douglas Adams, “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.” As you will learn in my book, I was a child that always had a great purpose but never knew how to achieve it. I often get asked how I fell into supporting private practice entrepreneurs. The acknowledgments for that go to my wife, my mother-in-law, and my father-in-law for opening up doors to my purpose. I married into a family of Occupational Therapists (wife, mother-in-law, brother-in-law…who’s next) and through my journey in supporting many of the family’s entrepreneurial private practices, I was able to tap into my purpose. After ten years of supporting different private practice entrepreneurs including but not limited to family, I tapped into my purpose in helping entrepreneurs transform their vision to success!

My Ethics

As you learn more about my personality and purpose, you may not be shocked by this, but ethics is a huge part of who I am and how I function. I even have an entire chapter on the “ethical dilemma” in my book. I am a big believer that a person’s character is driven based on one’s moral compass which governs behavior. I am definitely one that advocates for following a moral compass that leads you in the direction of not taking shortcuts and trying to do right by others with an end result of exchanging with others equally if not in abundance when possible.

There are important decisions that an entrepreneur makes and sometimes ethical decisions will lead you down a path that may fulfill one’s self but not one’s pocketbook. I am the guy that had to convince a board of directors that restructuring our organization around upcoming labor law trends was optimum despite costing the company over 30% more in overhead expenses. I am driven based on purpose and ethics in which I will choose ethics over fiscal reward at every curve. A human resources consultant once told me that she was fascinated by me. I was a little taken back and asked: “why” in which her response was, “Brandon, you are like this big fish who likes to swim in small ponds.” At first, I was a little confused by her sentiment, but after a continued discussion, she shared that she felt my talents and ambition were so big that she was surprised I was not working in “Corporate America.” She came from Corporate America and said it was so refreshing to see someone that was driven to help others through supporting entrepreneurs, start-ups, private practices, etc. I quickly realized that I am drawn to a smaller pond because I don’t want to be the effect of sharks but prefer to do things right and try my best to lead and empower others through passion, purpose, and ethics!

My Results

I am a results-oriented person and believe that I work incredibly well with others that measure success based around outcomes. One of the my biggest synergies with healthcare professionals is brainstorming new ways to measure outcome based strategies inclusive of quality, delivery, results, etc. In the past fifteen years, I have been blessed to achieve some of the following milestones:

  • Managed over 1,000 employees and paved the way for new workforce empowerment initiatives throughout the United States
  • Contributed to the transformation of an early intervention program ranking in the top 1% in clinical outcomes through operational reorganization, clinical outcome tracking program, employee engagement, and interdisciplinary collaboration system.
  • Increased multiple client’s private practices net revenue by over 100% within a 12-month period through optimizing efficiency in operations and systems along with market penetration strategies.
  • Restructured a healthcare organization’s strategic growth trajectory which resulted in a $1.5 million dollar positive organization shift.
  • Coached over 75 entrepreneurs between 2017 and 2018 on creating efficiency in their service-oriented business models and implemented solutions resulting in greater care delivery along with optimal profitability.
  • Transformed a healthcare organization’s outstanding collections from over $175k in outstanding debt to under $10k within a 12-month period.
  • Created and implemented recruitment strategies for multiple healthcare organizations that resulted in increasing the delivery model to over 350 healthcare practitioners.
  • Negotiated with over 200 commercial insurance payors successfully to increase the fee for service contracts based on top tier clinical outcome tracking protocols.
  • Supported multiple start-up private practices in 2018 to achieve six-figure revenue growth.
  • Delivered over 150 guest lectures in a 2-year span empowering students, entrepreneurs, and healthcare practitioners throughout the United States.

  • Frank E. Gainer, MHS, OTR/L, FAOTA, CMP, CAE, Director of Conferences
    Seigel is a passionate professional whose presentations have resonated with attendees over the years. I find his presentations are motivating, inspirational, and informative.
    Frank E. Gainer, MHS, OTR/L, FAOTA, CMP, CAE, Director of Conferences
    The American Occupational Therapy Associations, Inc.
  • Keaton Ray PT, DPT, OCS, ATC Co-Founder
    Driven by a sincere passion for empowering entrepreneurs, Siegel offers a wealth of expertise and foresight to those looking to reach the frontlines of innovation in healthcare. His ability to appreciate and channel the needs of the consumer, as well as of the clinician looking to serve them, was affirming and empowering to us in our efforts to craft a business model that looks to maximize the experience for all participants in the healthcare journey.
    Keaton Ray PT, DPT, OCS, ATC Co-Founder
  • Kyle Heebner, OTR/L Owner
    Seigel is a master communicator & has a true passion for helping clinicians & businesses succeed! He is always going above and beyond in helping clinicians/businesses and being readily available at all times! His entrepreneurial expertise and coaching methods bring to the table what most businesses are missing, which has advanced my private practice to the next level.
    Kyle Heebner, OTR/L Owner
    HM Systems, Inc.
  • Amber Ladd, MA-CCC, SLP, BCBA & Amy M. Prince, MA, CCC-SLP, BCBA Founders
    Brandon brings new perspectives on private practices along with innovative strategies for success.
    Amber Ladd, MA-CCC, SLP, BCBA & Amy M. Prince, MA, CCC-SLP, BCBA Founders
    The Talk Team
  • Scott Harmon, OTR/L, Clinic Owner & Founder
    When I have a question about private practice I ask Seigel. His business strategies and insight have helped me more than once. He has his thumb on the pulse of today and tomorrow's healthcare adversities.
    Scott Harmon, OTR/L, Clinic Owner & Founder
    The Academy Of Private Practice
  • Brittney Weinerth, OTRL, Clinic Owner
    Brandon’s private practice expertise, entrepreneurial coaching, and passion for helping others has not only transformed my private practice but it has offered healthcare providers around the county the tools and support to ensure their business can provide quality, consistent, and innovative care for years to come.
    Brittney Weinerth, OTRL, Clinic Owner
    Almaden Valley Children’s Therapy Center
  • Dongxiao “Tony” Zhang, President and CEO
    Seigel is an innovation leader and consultant who is revolutionizing healthcare through empowering private practice entrepreneurs in new ways!
    Dongxiao “Tony” Zhang, President and CEO
    BlueJay Mobile Health, Inc.
  • Shawn Hewitt, OTR/L Rehab Product Manager
    Seigel brings passion and a fresh, innovative outlook on the use of technology as proactive tools to help private practices not only survive but to thrive in today’s competitive OP climate.
    Shawn Hewitt, OTR/L Rehab Product Manager
  •  Elizabeth Belliveau, OTR/L, Chief Executive Officer
    As a private practice owner, you can at times feel like you are on an island all alone. Seigel is an irreplaceable ally when navigating the turbulent waters of the healthcare industry. I am confident that his knowledge and expertise will prove invaluable to the long-term success of my practice.
    Elizabeth Belliveau, OTR/L, Chief Executive Officer
    Pediatric Pathways, Inc.