Inspire your team, organization or community with a data dump of motivation and strategy that will transcend you and those around you to new heights! Brandon Seigel, published author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur’s muse is known for lighting up a room with his passion, purpose, and inspiration! From keynotes to business boot camps, Seigel speaks around the world in front of organizations, universities, associations, franchise conferences, and special events.

Keynote Speeches

Brandon Seigel delivers custom keynote speeches throughout the world that leave an everlasting impression filled with effective strategies that motivate change from the onset. Seigel’s unique approach in delivering a clear, entertaining, and effective message that produces results is what has elevated him in recent years as one of the leading speakers on creating change in a purpose-driven business model. Seigel’s ability to breakdown essential business principals wrapped in a bow with a Costco size warehouse of motivation leaves an audience in awe. From “Tapping Into Your Purpose, Passion, & Prosperity” to “Unlocking The Five Factors Of Change,” Seigel has created a reputation for creating and delivering custom keynotes that will motivate change within a room of thousands!


Brandon Seigel delivers custom workshops for small businesses, large organizations, associations, and community events that introduce essential business principles with clear action-oriented implementation strategies. Seigel will work directly with an organization to build custom workshops that target the greatest needs for the organization to transform its operating basis. In addition, Seigel has a wide range of already established workshops that he delivers throughout the world.

Here are some sample workshops that are frequently requested:

The Mouth Trap: Strategies To Keep Your Foot Of Your Mouth!
This workshop can be anywhere from a ½ day workshop to a 2-day workshop depending on needs of the client. This workshop applies to clinicians, home care marketing liaisons, management team, etc.

Sample Learning Objectives include:
  • Define the value of communication in today’s environment
  • Identify the difference between empathy and sympathy and the relationship to patient care and bedside manner
  • Identify most common communication barriers
  • Understanding the impact that technology has on communication and how to protect your licensure
  • Strategize the key principles for keeping your foot out of your mouth
Private Practice Entrepreneurship: Strategies And Tips For Scaling A Successful Private Practice!
This workshop is a minimum of a 1 day workshop but could go onto be a 3 day workshop if covering all categories (HR, Marketing, Operations, Worforce Empowerment, etc.

This workshop targets private practice ownership and management of strategies for writing effective business plans, understanding different metrics related to a successful business, understanding core HR regulations, understanding legal structure and insurances, etc. This could be a great starting point for anyone interested in eventually launching their own private practice, home health/home-care, etc.)

Sample Learning Objectives include:
  • A brief update on the current healthcare environment impacting many private practices.
  • Identify current HR labor law trends that are impacting private practice.
  • Understanding the different roles, responsibilities and “hats” within a private practice.
  • Strategies for defining the “private practice dream” and identifying essential steps toward making it a “reality.”
  • Identify introductory strategies for successful management of a private practice.
Professional Promotion: Strategies For Utilizing Social Media To Boost Your Professional Presence
This workshop is typically a half day workshop. It can be a full day if I include another half day of marketing and salesmanship. This can target both clinicians but also anyone related to the marketing of their services, etc.

Sample Learning Objectives include:
  • Understand the current social media environment related to healthcare professionals.
  • Understand the challenges that home health professionals may face in relation to the presence of social media.
  • Explore strategies for developing a social media platform that projects an image of professionalism, involvement, and competency in the field of home health/home care industry.
  • Explore different tools to manage and organize social media presence.
These Are The ABC’s of Me: Strategies For Creating Your Brand In Today’s Healthcare Environment
This workshop is about creating your value statement, mission statement, personal brand and also includes strategies for writing effective resumes, cover letters, social media profiles, etc.

Sample Learning Objectives include:
  • Understand the top challenges that healthcare professionals face in today’s environment
  • Create your professional strategic goals
  • Identify successful differentiation strategies
  • Identify different tools and ways that you can represent your professional brand (CV, Resume, Cover Letter, Social Media, Viral Videos, etc.)
  • Create Your Mission Statement and Vision Statement


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